The One

by Freedove

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    Be involved, inspired and empowered! ALL proceeds from the sale of "The One" will go to Gulf Relief efforts.

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Be involved, inspired and empowered! ALL proceeds from the sale of "The One" will go to Gulf Relief efforts.

Download your copy now & make a difference.


Freedove Believes "Music Sets The Soul In Flight."

Emerging from the Crescent City New Orleans, this esoteric singer/songwriter/producer combines a mélange of funk, rock, blues and gospel she powerfully serves up in her own brand of musical gumbo she dubs "Funk N Soul."

"Music was my first love. Another world opened up for me through music” Freedove confesses. “Even in terms of worshiping God, music was the Divine gift I used to offer my highest praise.” As the youngest of three children born to a Pentecostal evangelist and military sergeant, at a very tender age, Freedove began to take herself seriously as a vocalist and a performer. The young aspirant spent hours in the privacy of her room studying the sounds of Teena Marie, Angela Winbush, Journey, Aretha Franklin, dcTalk, Marvin Gaye, and countless other musical pioneers. After numerous talent competitions and several projects later, Freedove found success with the German-based dance music outfit, Infinity, and recorded a six-song EP that produced a minor hit of her own, “In the Name of Love." (Shift/Warner Chappell)

The New Orleans-bred vocalist has trekked the globe singing on worldwide stages and lending her voice to various recordings with artists such as MC Lyte, The Wild Magnolias, Busta Rhymes, Zhane, Coati Mundi, Cyrille Neville, AJ Loria, et al. In 2007, the powerhouse joined Duran Duran on the remake of John Lennon’s “Instant Karma” to benefit Amnesty International’s Save Darfur campaign.

As a burgeoning songwriter, she has collaborated with Bad Boy’s Younglord, famed producer Peter Bunetta and Quincy Jones protégée, Anthony Mazza.

This versatile chanteuse has also graced the thespian stage as lead character Darima, in the National Black Theater’s off-Broadway production of “Futurology” and on the small screen as a recurring extra on TNT’s hit television series, “The Big Easy.”

“Music is a language,” she says, “Even if you don’t know the language it is delivered in, you can still connect with it and feel it’s vibration.

Freedove says she desires to continually make music “to uplift, to heal, to incite dialogue, and mostly, to bring joy and hope” to listeners. “I believe that every situation provides an opportunity to choose fear or faith, to grow, discover and learn. Life is a beautiful gift, and I’m blessed to be a vessel that is privileged to share the gift of music with others.”

Freedove’s creative trajectory is best exemplified in her use of varied styles of music as opposed to being caged into one genre. Her lyrical content, emotionally and intellectually rich, cover the gamut of issues including society, self love, spiritual consciousness and relationships. “I simply follow the path that God and music lays before me. I never know what I will pull out of my personal sea of creativity, but the experience of music has me hooked, and the exciting journey never ends. Most times, songs come to me in dreams and I just awake to document them. As of late, oddly enough, they come in the shower or are a view of world events and LIFE.”

After a musical hiatus, Freedove has re-emerged soaring. Everything that would follow musically would be things she learned and re-learned after a fire ravished though her home destroying all her physical possessions except her home studio. “I thought God really has a sense of humor. Lol”." I thought I knew faith, until I had to put into practice the truth instilled in my spirit. I instinctively knew that the fire was purifying me and a cleansing and purging was taking place in every area of my life and that this was the time I had to trust him and the process and go through it. And God & music would be the vehicle that would take me there. "After The Fire" reflects that time and experience and represents the human experience of rediscovering faith, hope and love.

Freedove is currently recording “After The Fire”, a musical mosaic that reflects her personal experiences and beautifully explores a range of emotional and spiritual themes that do indeed signal a new beginning for the artist. The album’s first single, “The One,” a message of hope for the world, was written by Freedove and produced by Gil Small of Groove City Productions and is currently available at digital retailers everywhere.

“Less Than Perfect World,” a funky birdsong penned by Freedove and Mike Campbell, gives her perspective on living by faith amidst the realities of everyday life.” On “Believe In Love,” an anthemic rock ballad, Freedove exclaims, “I’m not changing, I’ve made up my mind. From this point I decide, to believe in love. No more waiting, this time I’m flying free. I know what I believe. I believe in love.” The artist's EP,"Flight of the Freedove, is available everywhere digitally and she has forthcoming collaborations with Hip Hop orchestra Sol Starz, producer Queen Rose, Redemption Voice and gospel house music producer Gregory Del Piero of Del records fame.

After the fire, there remains an artist with a renewed faith geared to bring meaningful music to the masses determined to never forget that her message is in the music and that “Music Sets the Soul in Flight”


released January 1, 2011
Written By Freedove for Freedove Music Publishing ASCAP; Produced By Gil "G Harmonic" Small; String Arrangements: Gil Small; Guitars: Chris Morgan B. Rose



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